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A Place for Puppy People

The PuppyWise™ program exists because—just like you—we’re puppy people. Want to celebrate your pup’s big milestones and special memories? We’ll help you do it. Need resources, tips, and guidance about raising a puppy? We’ve got you covered. Curious about how to support your pup with the best nutrition? We can help. We’re here with you through it all. For the love of puppies.

About Our Brands

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Helping keep pets healthy for life—that’s the IAMS™ brand promise. IAMS™ wet and dry dog food for every breed, size, and life stage makes it easy for you to provide tailored nutrition to your best friend. Veterinarians recommend IAMS™ pet food. 

To Learn More Visit www.iams.com

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PEDIGREE® dry and wet dog foods encourage, support and fuel a dog to be happy and healthy at every life stage—starting with the puppy stage! Nutritionally complete and balanced, PEDIGREE® food for puppies offers the nutrition you want for your pup at a price you’ll love. 

To Learn More Visit www.pedigree.com

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Treat your furry friend with GREENIES™ treats! The GREENIES™ range of dental chews, treats, PILL POCKETS™, and supplements is made to support important elements of your pet’s overall health—including immune health, skin and coat health, dental health, and more. 

To Learn More Visit www.greenies.com

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It’s what’s inside that counts. NUTRO™ wet and dry dog food and delicious treats are made from quality ingredients that have been carefully sourced from a trusted network of farmers and suppliers. It’s all part of the NUTRO™ brand commitment to grow healthy pets…starting at the puppy stage! 

To Learn More Visit www.nutro.com

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Designed with small breed dogs in mind, CESAR® wet and dry dog food, scrumptious treats, toppers, and refrigerated food bring gourmet cuisine to the plates of pups. Dogs bring so much love into our lives. Feed them CESAR® culinary-inspired recipes that will make them feel loved.

To Learn More Visit www.cesar.com