Bringing a puppy home is the best. Cuddles. Play time. Puppy breath. It’s also a LOT. Are they eating enough? What vaccines are they due for? How do I stick to crate training? The PuppyWise™ program is your go-to resource for all things puppy parenthood. From samples and savings for your pup’s puppy food and treat needs, to training guidance to nutrition tips, we’re here for you and your new pup as you journey through the puppy phase. The more you share with us about your new furry friend, the more we can customize your PuppyWise™ experience!

By creating an account, you’ll be able to share puppy pictures, milestones, and details with us. Not only will you receive a (super cute and super shareable) digital diary of your pup, you’ll also receive helpful tips that are more personalized to where you and your buddy are in the puppy phase. The more we know about your puppy, the more helpful we can be. You'll hear from the PuppyWise™ team with special offers, the latest about products, updates when your digital keepsake is available, and more.

If your puppy is experiencing a health issue of any kind, we recommend taking them to a veterinarian for professional care as soon as possible. For questions about wellness diets, feeding advice, or general pet nutrition, our Pet Parent Advisors are here to help! Contact us by filling out this form and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.

We recommend putting our different brands to the taste test—which is why you’ve received a special offer so you can try before you decide. As you get to know your puppy, you’ll start to see if they prefer dry or wet food, and what flavors they respond to. Always check the feeding guidelines that vary for each brand to ensure you’re feeding your puppy the right portion for their age and size.

Another great way to decide on puppy food? The poop test! Your puppy should be having solid, pain-free poops regularly. If you notice their #2 game is a little off, it may be time to try a new diet. Please feel free to reach out to our Pet Parent Partners team with any questions about where to begin! Contact us by filling out this form.

A bunch of awesome freebies for you and your pup! The Puppy Pack is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of your fur baby. Your pack includes free food samples, coupons for future purchases of participating brands, and treats to help you get started with puppy training. Click here to create an account and get your Puppy Pack!

For all shipping-related inquiries, please contact mars@americanbus.com

The digital Puppy Diary is a keepsake that captures your first-year journey with your pup, and is easily sharable across your social accounts. (Like any proud puppy parent would expect.)  Each month, we’ll invite you back to the PuppyWise™ site to share fun facts and updates about your fur baby, and to upload photos to your PuppyWise™ profile. At the end of every three months, we’ll email you a Puppy Diary highlighting all the milestones and moments you shared with us. The more you share, the better (and cuter!) your diary will be. These digital Puppy Diaries will also live in your PuppyWise™ account so you can easily access them from the site.

We love all dogs, but our Puppy Pack is specially curated with samples to meet the nutritional needs of puppies up to 1 year. If your dog has aged out of the puppy phase, we recommend taking advantage of the offer you received via email to create a pack that will provide proper nutrition for your adult dog’s growth and development.